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Each Tear that Falls (by Elmira)

On that sunny day in June two years ago
A man in black came knocking on my door
He brought with him an enormous box, too big for any floor
No return address and my name written on the top
It was incredibly heavy, afraid it would drop

With a sinking heart I knew what was inside
Grief, pain and suffering and nowhere to hide
Barely able to make a sound
With trembling hands I turned it round and round
"Oh please, I can't take it, take the box away"
But the man had already left on that hot day
Everyone who ever loved and lost someone will receive it too
That means just about everyone; me and you
The box with memories, laughter, song and dance
but also why ?, what if ? and no second chance
With the box came a note written by hand

"Open me, feel, cry and come to understand"
"I never left you, trust me and let's all join hands"
"Together we will make the world a better place"
"For the children, the animals and the planet we say grace"
"If you need me, just call my name and I'll be there"
"In your dreams, in the clouds, the songs; everywhere"

Open your heart wide and let it all out
The bottom of the box was reached, I sighed aloud
Because there was eternal light and love
it was as if it shone, pierced my heart from above
And in that moment I knew
while a life may end, love never ends
love sustains us, a broken heart it mends

From Bliss we came, and in Bliss we remain
celebrating Oneness, forgetting that pain
In eternal life we all can rejoice
Can you hear that song, that sweet voice ?
It's a song about the magic and mystery of life
A song about unity, joy, love, not strife

Each tear that falls
cleans the window of my soul
fear leaves and love enters,making me Whole
There is no instruction booklet on grief
so I'll just share with you my own belief
that there is no statue of limitation on loss
we will each have to bear our own cross
But this much I do know
Michael, we all love you so!!
 ~ Elmira 2011

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