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Surrounded by Angels

Sharing a prayer for us all during the pretrial hearing --

Please protect and comfort Katherine, Prince, Paris, Blanket and all those who love Michael; family, friends and fans. Wrap them (and Michael too) in a blanket of pure love, surrounded by angels. Please guide everyone involved in the case to the truth; to know it, reveal it and thus bring about justice within universal order. And may we always keep the beautiful gift of L.O.V.E. alive in our hearts. Amen. ♥

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Cynthia Kent said...

My heart goes out to the entire Jackson family,friends & all of Michaels fans.I pray this trial goes by Quickly & Justice Is Served! We need peace & closure and so does Michael-it has been an agonizing 19 months.He asked us thru song-"Will You Be There"?? My answer is you better believe we will be!!! Michael you were a blessing on this earth,& will continue to be..FOREVER!!! We L.O.V.E. You!!!

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