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Important update! Action regarding Discovery Channel

Wonderful news! Update Dec 31!!! Discovery cancels Michael Jackson autopsy TV show (Reuters)

This has already been posted about on the forum and Facebook, but in case you don't know yet... Please read the message below for details about the scheduled mock autopsy television program set to air throughout Europe in January. [Also see from today: Jackson Estate Demands Cancellation of Autopsy Show] There is a worldwide joint effort by websites, forums and the estate to stop this program from going forward. If you are in agreement... please, we NEED YOU to help with this right away! Read the message below about steps to take TODAY. Please translate and alert fan sites in your own language if necessary. The program is set to air in two weeks on Discovery Channel in the UK, Spain, France, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. It will air on DMAX in Germany and on Real Time in Italy.

No doubt you are aware that Discovery Communications intend to air a succession of programs that re-enact a mock autopsy of Michael Jackson, using a synthetic cadaver and a doctor who will perfom the mock autopsy. Scheduled to hit UK screens and a host of other countries throughout Europe, from January 13th through to the 16th, many people within the fanbase -- and elsewhere -- are naturally appalled by this prospect.

Advertised as a dramatic re-enactment of Michael's autopsy, recently released promo grabs of the imagery Discovery plans to use, reveal the obviously sensationalist intention behind the making of these shows. All members of this site are now asked to express their clear opposition to these programs. We are not deluding ourselves. These programs may indeed air, but to do nothing shames us as Fans -- and as people.

Everyone is now asked to do three simple things:

1: Express Your disgust in emails, calls and letters.

In the US, UK, and other countries around the world, people are writing, emailing and calling Discovery as often as they can ( preferably daily). How do you to do that? Details here: : http://tl.gd/7p3i3h

We need thousands of people, the like of whch has never been seen, to call the numbers contained within the above link. We are advising fans to prepare a written statement before they call so that they can express themselves clearly to the operator they reach -- or the recorded message they are directed to.People can then leave that message at Discovery's Viewer Relations phone line in the US, the customer service department in the UK, and the phone-line of Lucy Radciffe --- the senior assistant to Nicolas Bonard -- head of Discovery UK. That link also contains the email addresses of key Discovery executives and the email address of Dr Hunter who will be 'performing' the mock autopsy.

2: Block Discovery from their Cable viewing selection - and make sure Discovery know they have done so.

By calling their cable providers and requesting that the Discovery channel is removed or blocked from their TV line-up, and/or blocking Dscovery by using the parental controls feature on their Cable or Dish set-up ---and making sure Discovery know they have done this -- fans can easily but effectively put their protest to Discovery -- into action.

The most important point is this: -- that by making that call to their cable provider and asking that a log be made of their request for the removal of the Discovery Channel from their package, or informing their provider that they have blocked Discovery from their channel selection -- you will send a loud and clear protest to Discovery.

Simply blocking Discovery does not send a digital or automatic signal to them. It is when fans actually call their cable providers, then call Discovery, and send an email to Discovery's on-site complaints link -- that Discovery are immediately alerted that there is a serious problem -- and one that won't go away.

Details on how to block and inform Discovery are at this link: http://t.co/GOXyhLN

3: Help build a 'Discovery Protest Package.'

All fans area asked to send a copy of the emails they send to Discovery executives ( you can simply cc all of them in one email - see http://tl.gd/7p3i3h) and bcc (send a copy to) mjj@innocent.com . We are asking for this so that those emails can be added to a phsyical package that will be fedexed to Discovery in early January 2011.

Thank you everyone for your help. We all know why we are doing this -- and whatever happens -- Not trying wasn't an option.

P.S. Here's the Petition Against Discovery Show (but don't let that be a substitute for writing and calling - it's not a substitute for those very important actions!). Also, here's the December 27th blogradio show on this topic by Rev Catherine Gross (A Place in Your Heart): Urgent Call for Action (blogradio) -- Another news item, from LA Times Blog (you can view full scanned letter): An outraged Michael Jackson estate urges Discovery Channel to cancel broadcast

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BeGodsGlow said...

Wonderful news to wake up to! Discovery has "indefinitely postponed" the show! (Which hopefully means cancelled for good). Thanks everyone!!! We made a difference!

Discovery cancels Michael Jackson autopsy TV show

US channel pulls 'exploitative' Jackson autopsy show

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