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Can love and unity change the world from the inside out? ~ #MajorLovePrayer THIS FRIDAY, April 25th in honor of MJ...

Major Love Prayer is THIS FRIDAY, April 25! Lovelies, please be ready to join us WORLDWIDE at the same moment on every continent this Friday to send out a MAJOR LOVE! Please help us spread the word!

Every month on the 25th we join together in spirit in a mass global prayer/meditation of MAJOR LOVE to envision and ask for HEALING and PEACE throughout our planet ~ everything and everyone ~ bathed in the healing, transformative power of unconditional LOVE. We ask that it touch the hearts of all humanity and spark a change from within so that we may work together to make it a better place! See www.majorloveprayer.org

It's very EASY TO JOIN! At the appropriate time in your location (see April's time chart at http://goo.gl/g2CRoy) take some deep breaths and calm your mind. Say whatever personal prayers/wishes you'd like. Begin by focusing of LOVE - whomever you truly love. Picture them if you can, hold them in your heart until you can feel that love.

Now let that love EXPAND and fill your heart. It soon overflows and you recognize that this is who you truly are - LOVE. Now visualize reaching out your hand to all of us around the world. Visualize us CONNECTED across oceans and continents, all nations, a GLOBAL GRID OF LOVING ENERGY. Now let this love GROW, GROW, GROW until it encompasses THE WHOLE PLANET and EVERYONE IN IT. Send your love to all the world! Together we are sending out a MAJOR LOVE! Ask that it HEALS and AWAKENS hearts around the globe to the truth: that we are ONE GLOBAL FAMILY and that we ARE LOVE. Thank everyone who participated and carry this feeling outward... change the world!

THANK YOU and SEE YOU THIS 25th! ~ the MLP Team

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Major Love Prayer begins now! ~ March 25, 2014 #MJFam #MajorLovePrayer

HAPPENING NOW! We're about to begin this month's global prayer/meditation! EVERYONE IS WELCOME! We're SENDING OUT A MAJOR LOVE to Heal the World in honor of Michael Jackson, every 25th @ 2:00pmPT!

As we begin, relax, BREATHE, feel the L♥VE ~ BE it, relax, call upon Source, say any personal prayers you'd like, for loved ones, Michael and his children and all the children of the world. We send our LOVE & HEALING PRAYERS to families, loved ones and passengers of Flight MH370 and all those who need healing and comfort.

Now take some deep breaths, calm your mind & FEEL THE L♥VE ~ just LOVE ~ we are beginning ...Focus your heart on LOVE ~ Who do you love? LOVE THEM, FEEL IT, Let LOVE fill your heart NOW, YOU ARE LOVE. ♥ Reach out in your mind's eye and #HoldMyHand ~ Hold all #MJfam's hands across the world ~ Let us CONNECT as ONE in LOVE. ♥

Let this LOVE now EXPAND ~ Let it grow past your personal boundaries, feel it growing, expanding, LOVING, overflowing...!♥ HOLD all the world & all living beings within MAJOR LOVE ~ Let your heart be GIVING ~ Let yourself LOVE ~ Let yourself GIVE... ♥ Can you feel it?!

Stay within this LOVE, let it permeate your heart and all the world. Wish them well - wish them healing - LOVE them - all the world, all the world's children - visualize PEACE & HARMONY... ♥ Visualize all the world's children happy, laughing, smiling, learning, growing without war or poverty ~ let this be NOW! ♥ We ask that ALL are healed & held in this MAJOR LOVE. Let their hearts be touched, let it grow & change the world! We wish ALL the world PEACE ~ We LOVE you ~ Say it with all your heart: "WE LOVE YOU ~ WE LOVE YOU ~ WE LOVE YOU ~ I LOVE YOU!"... feel it, mean it, be it. ♥♥♥ Let peace fill you... We are one... The planet is healed... All are healed within their hearts & create a better tomorrow. ♥

We ask that Michael's name, reputation & legacy shine brightly forever, fully protected in Love, Truth & Integrity. We ask that Prince, Paris & Blanket are protected & know how LOVED & SUPPORTED they are. And that all of us are blessed with the strength, wisdom & guidance to represent Michael in dignity & help his legacy shine forever! ♥ May we remember this LOVE now as we go about our lives. We are the world ~ together, not apart. We are one. We are L♥VE. May we walk in LOVE, showing our strength in FORGIVENESS & COMPASSION as continue MJ's mission of LOVE & HEALING. We send our deepest GRATITUDE to Michael & all our #MJfam worldwide! THANK YOU for keeping his mission alive. May we always! ♥♥♥

Thank you and see you all next on April 25th at the regular time for another beautiful #MajorLovePrayer! Danke, Merci, Gracias! Wishing you much LOVE! ♥♥♥ www.majorloveprayer.org

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Tuesday, March 25th at 2pm PT (21:00 GMT - pls check time chart) is #MajorLovePrayer!

Please help spread the word! ~ In 24 hours WE'RE SENDING OUT A MAJOR LOVE! ♥♥♥ Tomorrow is the 55th monthly #MajorLovePrayer to HEAL THE WORLD in honor of Michael Jackson! ♥ Please join us wherever you are on Tuesday, March 25th @ exactly 2:00pm PDT (21:00 GMT - please check the time chart http://goo.gl/9cd12P carefully because your prayer time may be *1 hour early* this month if you're outside the United States! See www.majorloveprayer.org)♥

It's very easy to join this global event ~ simply focus on LOVE, on LOVING, on WHO YOU LOVE, and hold that feeling in your heart. Reach out with that LOVE to the rest of us who are doing the same at this moment all across the planet. We're all with you! Feel this connection, person to person, nation to nation, creating a connected grid around the world. Now imagine/visualize this LOVE growing, expanding, brighter and brighter, bigger and bigger as is GROWS BETWEEN US. This isn't just LOVE, it's MAJOR LOVE! ♥ See and feel this MAJOR LOVE touching all creation... everything, everyone,with their hearts GLOWING, the oceans, animals, forests, people... ALL ARE ILLUMINATED IN JOYFUL, HEALING LOVE ENERGY! Send them your LOVE and well wishes. See Earth in loving PEACE. Know we are ONE. Know we are ONE IN LOVE with all creation. ♥ Let this fill you with gratitude... for everything, for everyone, for each other, for Michael, for our family and friends... THANK THEM with LOVE... May this energy HEAL THE WORLD one heart at a time, NOW, today, for WE ARE ONE... ♥♥♥

Thank you SO much, #MJFam! We LOVE you! Let us remember our unity always and treat each other with love and respect as we continue Michael's legacy of LOVE. We'll see you all again next month on April 25th (prayer time should be back to normal for everyone, but please check April's time chart beforehand). Love and blessings, and all our gratitude ~ the MLP Team www.majorloveprayer.org

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February 25th's global #MajorLovePrayer is TODAY! 2pmPST / 5pmEST / 22:00GMT ♥♥♥ #mjfam

Major LOVE Prayer is TODAY!!!

At 2:00pm L.A. time worldwide!

Time charts & easy instructions in 19 languages are available on our website: http://www.majorloveprayer.org/

All you need to do is focus on LOVE and hold it in your heart with GRATITUDE... reach out with it and connect with all of us... imagine holding our hands ... then visualize the LOVE energy expanding, expanding, encompassing the WHOLE WORLD and all living things. Hold that vision of Earth glowing in LOVE... hold the feeling for several minutes, as long as you can! Imagine that EVERY HEART IS TOUCHED. See people with glowing hearts on every continent. This is how we begin to HEAL THE WORLD from the inside out, one heart at a time.

This is our mission together... 

This is Major Love Prayer!

Thank you, and see you this and every month! :)))

P.S. Our regular website admin is away this month, so we apologize for less updates, but please join us over on Twitter and FACEBOOK where plenty is still happening! :)

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Thank you, and see you again on February 25th! #MajorLovePrayer

THANK YOU for joining us in today's global prayer/meditation. As we close this month's prayer, we ask that Prince, Paris & Blanket are protected and wrapped in love and support. We ask that Michael's name, reputation and legacy shine brighter with each day, forever protected by the light of love, truth and integrity. Source/God, give us the strength and wisdom to represent Michael with dignity and love and continue his mission with joy for all our days. Thank you all SO much for all you do to keep the LOVE and the TRUTH alive for Michael & his children, and all the children of the world. May we walk in UNITY, beautiful ones. See you again next month on February 25th & daily for #ComeTogether4MJ. Much love, MLP Team

Thank you, Michael.♥ 

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