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Thank you! Have fun w/Thrill the World & see you again November 25th!

We want to thank all the beautiful fans around the world who took part in today's 'Major Love Prayer'! Thank you for making this happen every month, and for ALL you do, from the smallest thing to the greatest. It all matters! ♥ 

May we now carry this major love with us as we go about our days, taking one step at a time to make the world a better place. May we carry Michael's heart within our own, allowing this global compassion and caring to grow within us, changing us, expanding our souls and reminding us of the greater mission ... to love each other and ALL the world and its children. From this point we expand outward, our spirits strengthened and fortified... into a brighter tomorrow. May we be guided on this journey so that we may see the ways in which each of us can use our own unique gifts to bring more joy and healing to our global family. And may we celebrate, respect and honor Michael's legacy by staying united in love and light! 

Sending you LOVE and GRATITUDE, lovelies! See you again for the next 'Major Love Prayer' on Tuesday, November 25th! ♥♥♥ ~ MLP team

P.S. Thrill the World begins in minutes! Wishing all our amazing, dancing 'zombie' friends a great time! Have FUN, you guys!!!

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OCTOBER 25 is the next 'Major Love Prayer'! Let's fill the world w/LOVE in honor of MJ! #MajorLovePrayer #MJFam

♥ 'Major Love Prayer'/ Meditation ♥
♥ Saturday, October 25th ~ Worldwide! ♥

Let's fill the world with LOVE! Please join us in GLOBAL ONENESS this Saturday at exactly 2:00pm PT / 5:00pm ET / 21:00 GMT / 10:00 in UK / 23:00 CET (see timeanddate.com/s/2r03) as thousands of fans join together across the planet to SEND OUT A MAJOR LOVE! ♥ ♥ ♥ #MajorLovePrayer happens every month on the 25th in honor of Michael Jackson ~ to HEAL THE WORLD with the power of LOVE!

It's very easy to participate, and you can do it from ANYWHERE you are. This is open to EVERYONE, of all beliefs, in all nations ~ You are ALL invited! ♥

1) Simply, a minute or two before prayer time, close your eyes, breathe deeply and calm your mind. Say any personal prayers/affirmations you wish. Now, begin to focus on the area of your HEART and on WHO YOU LOVE, all who you love. Love them! Really FEEL it, and let this feeling grow within you... loving, caring, blissful. Just let it flow.

2) When you are ready, visualize reaching out with your hands and with the love in your heart to your fellow 'MJ-family' around the world. This LOVE CONNECTS US! See in your mind how our LOVE reaches across the planet from heart to heart ~ over oceans, forests, deserts and sky. WE ARE ONE IN LOVE!

3) Now visualize and feel this MAJOR LOVE expanding, expanding, growing, and FILLING THE ENTIRE PLANET! See in your mind and feel in your heart (however it works for you) ALL of Planet Earth GLOWING IN LOVE ENERGY. It is light, it is beautiful and it is for EVERYONE and EVERYTHING! Together we are now SENDING OUT A MAJOR LOVE... out... out... around the world, to each other and all living things. It is absorbed by ALL it touches ... every rock, every tree, every heart is now GLOWING IN LOVE. Ask that this LOVE HEALS THE PLANET and EACH OF US, ALL BEINGS, so that we may work together in PEACE and HARMONY.

Hold this vision and this feeling for as long as you can (several minutes or longer if you can, but even a moment is better than nothing). Know that THIS LOVE WILL CONTINUE TO RADIATE OUTWARD... from the ground, the oceans, from the very molecules in the air until next we meet in November. Find it in your heart to EXPRESS GRATITUDE for this and for all the blessings in your life... for this connection, for Michael, for all your loved ones and for this beautiful planet we have been given. Stay in this glow and carry it out into the world. Together we can CHANGE THE WORLD, one heart at a time! ♥ ♥ ♥

Thank you all SO much, for this and ALL you do for Michael's legacy. You know he truly loves you more! See you this weekend, lovely ones, and much LOVE! ♥ ~ the MLP Team http://www.majorloveprayer.org

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Thank you, with major love! ♥ Sept 25th #MajorLovePrayer

What a beautiful 'Major Love Prayer'! Much LOVE and unending GRATITUDE to all our family/friends around the world, for ALL you do, every little thing, for Michael's legacy. We all love him SO MUCH, and it all matters. We can't all do everything, but we can each do something! And may everything hold the essence of that LOVE! May it continue to grow and change us for the better, with open hearts, as we go forward, finding our own paths and ways in which to express that LOVE and HEAL THE WORLD in Michael's honor, and for the children of the world. May our hearts draw ever nearer to the truth inside. We are united in this mission for all time, because of LOVE. Bless you, and it was so beautiful today, and always! See you next month on October 25th!

Peace and blessings ♥ 
~ the MLP Team

"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love." ~ Mother Teresa

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September 25th we're sending out a MAJOR LOVE! And it's #MajorLovePrayer's 5th Anniversary ♥ Thank you #MJFam

♥ We're sending out a MAJOR LOVE! ♥
♥ Thursday, September 25 @ 2:00pm PDT ♥
♥ 5pm EDT / 10:00 UK / 23:00 CEST ♥
♥ (see http://timeanddate.com/s/2qp2) ♥
(See bottom of this post for how to join! It's very easy!)

On Thursday, *SEPTEMBER 25th*, please join with us around the world with LOVE for the 5-year anniversary of Major Love Prayer! (Pls read msg below :)

This monthly prayer/meditation was started by our beautiful friends on the michaeljackson.com forum on September 25, 2009. The goal was to join hearts every 25th, on every continent, in the deepest honor and respect for Michael Jackson... to continue his LEGACY OF LOVE by "sending out a major love" together as ONE ... all nations, all faiths, all beliefs, everyone... filling the planet with the healing energy of PEACE and LOVE!

What became known as 'Major Love Prayer' quickly grew through the community, thanks to all the wonderful fans around the world who have so much love to give, even in painful, challenging times. The website (www.majorloveprayer.org) was created in autumn 2009 to keep this monthly spiritual gathering of love alive. Since then, so many of you have contributed... by helping with translations, writing lovely articles and poems, spreading the word, remembering (!), and most of all just BEING THERE, ready to go at the top of the hour. All of this is only words on a screen... unless and until we come together and make it real!♥

We want to DEEPLY THANK ALL OF YOU for believing in this, for loving Michael all these years as much as we do, for caring so consistently and forever for his mission, his message and his children, and for having the faith and hope that our UNITY and MAJOR LOVE can somehow change the world. Together we are strong, and being a part of this each month for the past five years has been a source of great comfort. It has been truly beautiful sharing this LOVE with you, both in knowing that we are participating in something beautiful and important for Michael's legacy and the world, and in feeling our global connection grow ever deeper (or rather, discovering its eternal depths). We love you all, and hope we may continue to do beautiful things together for many years to come, representing dear Michael ---- our inspiration, friend, brother, teacher, everything - with ever-growing LOVE and LIGHT. And just remember ~ HE LOVES YOU MORE! (And he means it.) ♥♥♥

Blessings, Peace & Love! See you on the 25th!
~ BeGodsGlow & the MLP Team


How to join.... It's very easy to join this worldwide wave of MAJOR LOVE! ('How to Participate' info in 19 languages)

First, take a few deep breaths, focus your mind and heart on LOVE. (Tip: think of who you love, and how grateful you are for their presence in your life!) And LET LOVE FILL YOU UP. Just FEEL it for a minute or two. Feel it, hold it within, smile...

When you are ready, visualize reaching out your hand and taking the hands of all of us around the world. Imagine that this LOVE CONNECTS US across oceans and continents, like glowing ribbons of LOVE ENERGY joining us around the planet. WE ARE ONE.

Next, when you feel you are connected, begin to SEND OUT A MAJOR LOVE to all the world! Feel yourself saying "I LOVE YOU" to everyone and everything! Send your well wishes of healing, peace and comfort, your prayers for the world and all its children.... Let us together FILL THE ENTIRE WORLD WITH LOVE!!! See in your mind how this LOVE FILLS THE WORLD... with light, heart confetti, however you can intuitively 'see' it. If you believe in a Higher Power, ask that this be so, now, today.

Hold this focus and this visualization and feeling as long as you can... seconds, minutes, even half an hour. Feel that LOVE is touching every person's heart, every animal, every ocean and forest, every molecule of air. ALL IS LOVE. May this comfort, teach, heal and grow... and may we all feel it more in our hearts each day! THANK YOU & LOVE!

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Global 'Birthday Prayer' in Michael's honor ~ Fri Aug 29 #MJBdayPrayer #HonorMJbday

♥ Global #MJBdayPrayer ~ Friday, August 29 ♥
@ 2pmPT / 4pmCT (Gary, IN) / 5pmET / 10:00 UK
23:00 CET / see http://timeanddate.com/s/2qpp

In celebration of Michael Jackson's birthday this Friday, we will be joining with other fan groups here and on Twitter in a very special GLOBAL PRAYER/MEDITATION! We will honor Michael in JOYFUL GRATITUDE by uniting hearts across the planet at the same moment in every nation to fill the world with LOVE and PEACE in support of ALL THE WORLD'S CHILDREN. ♥

First, let us take some moments to calm our minds and breathe deeply, focusing our hearts in JOY and GRATITUDE for and to Michael! Let us then reach out with our hearts and 'hold hands' in spirit all across the world! Next, envision our planet glowing in beautiful light, as we send our deepest WISHES of LOVE and PEACE to every continent, from conflict zones to peaceful villages, through oceans and forests, through every molecule of air and earth, and to every human heart! Let us picture in our minds all the CHILDREN OF THE WORLD, of every race, color, religion, nationality and creed. See them SMILING and completely CARED FOR, loved, fed, healthy, educated and happy, growing up with all the hope and support in the world, inspired to go for their dreams! We ask with all our hearts that this is so.... right NOW! May we join together to HEAL THE WORLD and create a BRIGHTER, PEACEFUL tomorrow ... for EVERYONE! ♥

May we all be guided by compassion and respect as we honor Michael's legacy in truth, unity and love. And may Prince, Paris and Blanket feel his presence with them always, and may they be granted all the strength, wisdom and courage they need to follow their own dreams. Dear Michael, THANK YOU for being here, and thank you for being you! You're wonderful, beautiful, incredible... we love you so, from the bottom of our hearts, forever ~ Happy Birthday! ♥♥♥

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with hashtags #HonorMJbday and #MJBdayPrayer!

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