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Global synchronized "Light, Truth & Protection" for Michael starting Sunday, March 3rd

💛 Light, Truth & Protection for MJ 💛
💛 Together, at time of each airing 💛

Michael's Dear Ones ~ Some of you have been doing the Light, Truth & Protection Prayer/Meditation this week on your own time, and as promised, we ARE going to be doing additional GLOBAL ones (like Major Love Prayers) starting this Sunday. These will be synched around the world to coincide with airings of LN (just before, halfway through, and at the end ). Depending on your time zone and schedule, you might not be be able to join all of them, and that's okay. Just do what you can! We'll continue upholding Michael's name in Love and Light around the world daily! ☀️

Here's the plan: For each network's major premiere airing - like HBO in the US (Sunday/Monday), Channel 4 in the UK (Wednesday/Thursday) and other countries later - we're going to join together:

1) 10 MINUTES BEFORE AIRTIME (up through the start time)
2) At the top of the NEXT HOUR (at the halfway point)
3) AT THE END (top of the hour, or just before, when people who just watched are consolidating their thoughts, considering what to believe...)

Here is the prayer/meditation we're doing (feel free to word it and pray it any way that appeals to your soul!): On This Website and also on our Facebook Page

Now, IF you can focus for longer or more often, that's absolutely wonderful. If you can only join the first prayer at the beginning, that's still wonderful. The HBO one(s) will be very late in some countries, and many of you want to be on Twitter defending him there as well, so we're just going to aim for INTENSE, LOVE-FILLED BURSTS OF MAGNIFIED LIGHT AND PROTECTION!

So, let's do this! - With all our hearts, calling forth the Higher Power for the Highest Good - for Michael, his legacy, his heart, his soul, his family, his fans and all those blessed (now and in the future) by his presence on this planet. For what's TRUE, what's right, what's forever. Thank you, Lovelies! Thank you for always, Michael Jackson! 💜💜💜

MARCH 3 (Sunday)
MARCH 4 (Monday)
United States - HBO
8:00PM EST/PST* both nights

MARCH 6 (Wednesday)
MARCH 7 (Thursday)
UK - Channel 4
9:00 at night (21:00) both nights
MARCH 8 (Friday)
Australia (part1) 8:30pm AEDT
Netherlands (in full) 20:00 CET
Belgium (in full) 20:00 CET
Denmark (available to stream)

MARCH 9 (Saturday)
Australia (part2) 8:30pm AEDT

MARCH 10 (Sunday)
New Zealand (part 1) 8:30pm NZDT
Norway (part 1) 22:50 CET

MARCH 11 (Monday)
New Zealand (part 2) 8:30pm NZDT
Norway (part 2) 22:40 CET

MARCH 12 (Tuesday)
Sweden (part 1) 22:00 CET

MARCH 13 (Thursday)
Sweden (part 2) 22:00 CET

MARCH 15 & 16 
 Russia Thursday & Friday late night *

MARCH 16 & 17 (Saturday/Sunday) 
HBO Latin America & Caribbean
(Multiple countries across the region, across several time zones)
Praying 4x starting at 23:00 GMT

MARCH 19 & 20 - Italy 
Tuesday & Wednesday
Channel 9 - 21:25pm CET
Same time both nights

UK/GMT *20:25*.. 21:25.. 22:25
CET/MEZ *21:25*.. 22:25.. 23:25
EET/OEZ *22:25*.. 23:25.. 00:25

EDT *4:25pm*.. 5:25pm.. 6:25pm
CDT *3:25pm*.. 4:25pm.. 5:25pm
MDT *2:25pm*.. 3:25pm.. 4:26pm
PDT *1:25pm*.. 2:25pm.. 3:25pm

Hong Kong (Wed/Thur morning)
*4:25 am*... 5:25... 6:25

Sydney (Wed/Thur morning)
*7:25 am*... 8:25... 9:25

 More: timeanddate.com/s/3tjw

MARCH 21 (Thursday) France 
Ch M6 starting at 21:00 CET
Both parts in one night (21:00 to 00:30 CET)

UK/GMT *20:00*.. 21:00.. 22:00.. 23:00
CET/MEZ *21:00*.. 22:00.. 23:00.. 00:00
EET/OEZ *22:00*.. 23:00.. 00:00.. 01:00

EDT *4pm*..5pm.. 6pm.. 7pm
CDT *3pm*.. 4pm.. 5pm.. 6pm
MDT *2pm*.. 3pm.. 4pm.. 5pm
PDT *1pm*.. 2pm.. 3pm.. 4pm

Hong Kong (Friday morning)
*4:00 am*... 5:00... 6:00... 7:00

Sydney (Friday morning)
*7:00 am*... 8:00.. 9:00.. 10:00

 More: timeanddate.com/s/3tjx

APRIL 6 Germany Pro7 
Will be updated..

#MajorLovePrayer every 25th 
Website: www.majorloveprayer.org
Twitter: www.twitter.com/majorloveprayer
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MajorLovePrayer


Very.b said...

I’m from Italy, but I promise I’ll do my best to join you as much as possible compatibly with the time difference. Love, truth and protection for Michael now and forever.❤️��❤️

BeGodsGlow said...

Grazie, Very! ❤️

BeGodsGlow said...

It is also playing in CANADA on March 3rd & 4th. It seems, after looking through multiple cities' TV schedules, that it's alternating back to back between HBO1 and HBO2, so essentially on constantly after 8pm EST. We'll be praying every hour (6 times in total) on the US schedule, and therefore hitting most major viewing times in Canada as well. Sorry if it doesn't line up perfectly, though! -bgg

Kerry Hennigan said...


BeGodsGlow said...

*Updated time charts*

jnice said...

MJ Forever

BeGodsGlow said...

This weekend we will again be joining for prayers/meditations of LOVE, LIGHT and TRUTH for Michael's legacy. 💜🙏💜 On Saturday and Sunday evening, HBO will unfortunately be broadcasting the full LN in two parts in multiple countries throughout LATIN AMERICA and the CARIBBEAN, including Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru Venezuela, Argentina and many more.

Since this includes several different time zones and start times for the "film", we're going to do *4* prayers in total each day, at the top of each hour, so every country gets at least one while it's on. The first prayer coincides with the start time in Brazil, other countries are in the middle, and the last prayer is at the start time in Mexico.

We'll be posting prayer reminders here and on Twitter, as before. We really hope you will be able to join us for at least one, if not allv of them. Our goal is to call upon the sacred LIGHT of TRUTH from the Higher Power with all our LOVE, for the protection of Michael's name, reputation and legacy, and to ask for wisdom and discernment to touch the minds and hearts of the people of the world. And we send our LOVE to Michael's family, friends and fans around the world. Thank you, beautiful MJFam! 💛 See you this weekend, for Michael, what's right and what's true! 🙏🙏🙏 #MJInnocent

Very.b said...

In italy it will be broadcast on 19th and 20th March at 9.25 pm.��

BeGodsGlow said...

Thank you, Very.b. Will update the list 💛

Very.b said...

Thank you and... Michael please forgive them because they don't know what they're doing. 🙏#MJInnocent yesterday, today and forever ❤

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