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Your Love's an Ocean

Dearest Michael, 
I don't feel less loved...
It doesn't matter where I live,
Or if in poverty or wealth,
It doesn't matter what my age, Or if I suffer failing health,
It doesn't matter what my color, Or my language, or my race,
It doesn't matter my religion, Or the beauty of my face,
It doesn't matter if I knew you, Or if I've loved you from afar,
It wouldn't matter what I was if I had fallen from a star...
 I don't feel less loved.  And I want to 

THANK YOU for that.

~ With all my love, Debbie M.


Sue said...

Beautiful sentiments, Debbie. Of all of the gifts Michael gave to us, I think the greatest was his deep, undeniable and unconditional love. Without question, it will live on forever and is now ours for us to share. If ever a day comes where a Michael Jackson fan feels unloved, they need only read your poem. Thank you for sharing on this saddest of days.

CassieforMaxwell said...

I pray every day so hard that this world will heal itself and Michael’s life dream, his life work, will not have been in vain. I do it for me, of course. But most all for Michael because he believed with every beat of his heart that it could be done. I do believe that had he been given more time on this earth that he would have seen his dream materialize right before his eyes. But it is not for me to question the workings of God so I must believe that in his death, the ultimate sacrifice, he did usher in the greatest awareness that we can change the world through love & caring for each other and nurturing the planet on which we live. His death gave way to the awakening of our inner child, the part of us that loves unconditionally. Thank you, Michael for all the gifts you left behind, the greatest of them being your unselfish, all encompassing love for all of us. I will never forget.

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