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Reminder: Major Love Prayer is TODAY, Aug 25!

Please help us spread the word, everyone! Let's harmonize all around the world! :))) If you possibly can, please stop what you're doing at 2pm Pacific Time on Thursday, August 25th and each out with your heart to connect with thousands of MJ fans across the planet as we pray for, feel and grow the energy LOVE and PEACE within and without, so it may shine from above and across the globe, healing the world with LOVE and LIGHT. Thanks and much love, ~ the MLP team

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Global Time Chart for August 25, 2011
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CassieforMaxwell said...

Today I needed this prayer more than ever. I know that I have been guilty of passing unfair judgement on a person I never chanced to know. After he passed yesterday, I feel ashame. It has been weighing heavy on my heart ever since I heard the news. People are human. All humans make mistakes. But it is not our charge to judge them have we never walked in their shoes.

As I listen to the beautiful music, and am visually moved by the many moving scenes on these videos, my heart is heavy. If Michael could love me with all my imperfections, then who am I to judge anyone whom he called friend? Be it for a day, a year, or for all times?

I imagine Michael sitting in the clouds watching over us, like a loving parent watches over his children. And I can imagine him shaking his head and his finger at the way we sometimes behave. So today, I say I’m sorry. I am sorry. There is so much more good I could be using my energy for. And I promise, I will.

God bless Michael and God bless you for having the insight to create and share his place of peace and serenity.

BeGodsGlow said...

Cassie, this is so beautiful and touching. Thank you so much for sharing so candidly and openly. Deep down, I think we all know this in our hearts... we are not here to learn how to judge, but to learn how to LOVE. Bless you and thanks ♥

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