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Now is the time for Major L.O.V.E.!

Hello to our family worldwide! ♥ Today is the day! At 2pm US Pacific Time time (10pm in the UK - see time chart for your city/country) people across the planet will again unite in spirit to send out a major love! What is a 'major love'? Michael once said, "Let us dream of tomorrow where we can truly love from the soul, and know love as the ultimate truth at the heart of all creation.'' The truth: L.O.V.E.! A love so powerful it can heal hearts and change the world. It's the love that exists at the core of our being. It's where we come from, what unites us and what we strive for at the deepest level, whether we recognize it or not. It's where we know our ONENESS ... as ONE family and ONE Earth with a shared destiny. And NOW is the time to let that love shine and be God's glow!

It seems lately on the news there has been one story after another of someone somewhere attempting to stir up racial or religious tensions, in addition to the very real suffering caused by recent natural (and manmade) disasters. The children of the world need us and they need us NOW. They need us as a global community to reach out and help. And they need us to teach them that no matter where you're from or what you look like, you are part of a diverse, but not separate, family that is linked by love. Love, not hate. Look at all of us here ... a global family of all races, all nationalities, all religions brought together in unity by a common love, to send love. That's something. That's a major something. A major love! So today as we connect our energies in prayer/meditation, let's know that the love we are sending is healing these rifts that humanity sometimes places in its own path. Let it remind people that soul to soul there is truly nothing to fight about. Know that the love is reaching every child in need and awakening the "truth at the heart of all creation" in us ALL. Say to the world, "Wake up! Now is the time for love!" Feel this wave and know it is real, reverberating through our collective consciousness and awakening the world to love, to brotherhood, to peace. Can you feel it?

Can You Feel It (original)

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anaamamj58 said...

Yes,I can feel it.....an inner feeling of peace and yet at the same time a feeling of inner strength. I lit my candle and played Michael's "Cry" and "Heal the World", very softly. I sat listening and thinking and watching the gentle flicker of the candle flame. I thought of and prayed for my many new friends whom I have met because of Michael. I prayed for Michael's soul that he can have eternal peace.....a peace which he was not allowed to truly have here on earth. I prayed for his children and his mother and then for all the other children in this wonderful world of ours. We must heal the world we must spread love and peace and care for our planet.I felt a feeling of power and hope that we will do it......Together in love and through love. L.O.V.E.

Anonymous said...

This video is awesome and yes I can feel it . I just love this site .

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